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I began writing the monthly Propagation column in WorldRadio in January 1997, when I took over from Bob Brown NM7M (SK). When I started, WorldRadio was a printed magazine. WorldRadio turned into a digital magazine with the February 2009 issue. When WorldRadio was bought by CQ, my column turned into Practical Propagation beginning with the February 2014 issue, and was in the monthly supplement to CQ titled CQ Plus.

CQ Plus ceased publication in early 2015, but I will continue to write a monthly feature (beginning with January 2015) that will be posted here on or around the first of every month. If you enjoy reading my material or have a suggestion for a topic, please let me know at Iíve also included my 2014 columns.

Jan14 Why We Need Smoothed Solar Indices - Part 1

Feb14 Why We Need Smoothed Solar Indices - Part 2

Mar-Apr14 The Concept of Monthly Median Predictions

May14 Over The MUF_Es Probablities_Pedersen Ray

Jun14 Update On Disappearing Sunspots

Jul14 Skewed Path to FT5ZM on 10-Meters

Aug14 Cycle 24 Update - Second Peak

Sep14 The Santa Claus Polar Path

Oct14 Monitoring Beacons with FAROS

Nov14 17-Meter Morning Long Path

Dec14 Another Quest for 5BWAZ

Jan15 Two Interesting Issues Tied to 160-Meter Propagation

Feb15 One-Way Propagation Revisited

Mar15 - Cycle 24 Is In Uncharted Territory

Mar15 Bonus - Some Definitions and Comments

Apr15 Where Was 6m F2 In October 2014

Apr15 Bonus - Worldwide Thunderstorm Occurrences

May15 What's Going On with 160-Meters

Jun15 When Does A Layer Ionize

Jun15 Bonus - My DX Summit

Jul15 A Review of Magnetic Indices

Aug15 K1FK to JA Via 160m via Long Path_revised

Sep15 An Interesting Night on 40m and 160m

Oct15 Extreme DXing

Nov15 A Rule of Thumb for Antenna Gain vs Height

Dec15 Circular Polarization - Is It Worth the Effort

Jan16 Selective Propagation on 10-Meters

Feb16 Development of the Model of the Ionosphere

Feb16 Development of the Model of the Ionosphere with Feb 2017 Update

Mar16 Worldwide Critical Frequency Maps - What They Tell Us

Apr16 NEW Sunspot Numbers

May16 Notes on Low-Noise Receive Antennas

Jun16 Operating Near the Equator

Jul16 Long Term Trends in Sporadic E Occurrences

Aug16 W3 to HS Via Long Path on 20m

Sept16 Antenna Interaction Rev A

Sept16 Bonus - Tracking Solar Eruptions to Their Impact on Earth

Oct16 CY9C 6m Opening

Oct16 Bonus - Earthquakes and the Ionosphere

Nov16 A Look at the 160-Meter QSOs of VK9LL

Nov16 Bonus - KRSL AM 990 KHz to Finland

Dec16 VE7SL to VK4YB on 630-Meters - Revised May 2017

Jan17 Sunrise Sunset and Daylight in Relation to Low Band Propagation

Feb17 DXing on Mars

Mar17 A Blast from the Past - The DX-O-Graph

Apr17 Long-Term Propagation Planning

May17 Thinking in 3-D

Jun17 Stratospheric Warmings Revisited

Jul17 When the K Index Goes Up

Aug17 Long Path-Short Path Switching on 15-Meters Part 1

Aug17 Bonus - What Mode of Propagation Enables JT65-JT9-FT8_Revision 1

Sep17 Long Path-Short Path Switching on 15-Meters Part 2

Oct17 Atmospheric Noise with Horizontal Antennas

Nov17 NEW Sunspot Numbers - But There's a Chink in the Armor

Dec17 Readily Available Propagation Predictions for DXpeditions

Jan18 160m Skewed Path - K7ZV to UA4HBW

Jan18 Bonus - Electron Density Changes During Geomagnetic Storms

Feb18 Generating Circular Polarization at HF in the Real World

Mar18 Above-the-MUF Propagation and JT65-FT8 Advantages over CW

Mar18 Bonus - Analysis of an FT8 6-Meter QSO

Apr18 Using VOACAP to Predict FT8 Propagation

May18 Solar Minimum and Spotless Days

Jun18 Distance-Based Scoring for Contests

Jul18 Elevation Angles Required for 6m Sporadic E

Aug18 Antenna Measurements Part 1

Sep18 Antenna Measurements Part 2


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